Product Lines


The use of aerosol cans is still very much the tried and tested and much approved packaging, which are used in many sectors. Primarily in the chemical, automotive, mechanical, medical, cosmetic and food industries.

All aerosol cans that are produced for Metal Packaging, conform to strict quality standards set throughout the World. Our manufacturer based in Turkey has standards and procedures that has seen them attain the: EN ISO 9001 - 2000 Quality Certificate.

Our manufacturer investes heavily and uses the latest available technology to produce quality assured aerosol cans. They employ a 100% leak proof in line test machine on all of their production lines.

Our aerosol cans are produced using electrolytical coated tin plate. We can produce coated aerosols to customer requirements, lacquered or none lacquered coatings can be chosen, and we also offer a silkscreen printable external lacquer, and can print cans on your behalf (subject to minimum print runs)

We offer a standard range of aerosols from 45 to 65mm dia, along with a range of pressure standards from 12 - 18 bar.

All of our aerosols are finished with a silkscreen lacquer, are available in plain white or can be printed to your requirements. Please contact us for further information on: 07842 537395